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Tablet press industry also needs innovation and development

Author:Click:306Release time:2021-12-24

Tablet press industry also needs innovation and development. Tablet press is used in tablet process of pharmaceutical industry. Tablet press is an automatic continuous production equipment for pressing granular objects into circular, special-shaped and flakes with words, symbols and graphics with a diameter of no more than 13mm. Tablet press is the most critical core equipment in tablet production in pharmaceutical industry, which affects most quality and economic indicators (qualification rate, etc.).

In order to meet the needs of tablet production, tablet press equipment in the market is gradually mature. According to the model, it can be divided into: single impact tablet press, hydraulic tablet press, flower basket tablet press, rotary tablet press, sub high-speed rotary tablet press, full-automatic high-speed tablet press and rotary cored tablet press. At present, the models of domestic tablet presses mainly include single punch tablet press, multi punch rotary tablet press and full-automatic high-speed rotary tablet press.

In the production process of rotary tablet press, due to the feeding device or the addition of materials, the dust is easy to fall into the middle plate. At the same time, the matching gap between the lower punch and the lower middle plate is too large, which will also make the dust fall into the lower plate. Therefore, a special dust suction device must be used to remove the dust, which has caused trouble to the operation to a certain extent, especially the improvement of GMP standard in recent years, It brings pressure to the production industry of rotary tablet press equipment.

Single punch tablet press is the earliest tablet press. It mainly drives the up and down punching operation through the rotation of the rotating wheel to press the particles filled by the powder feeder into the die hole into tablets. Its main defects are high impact noise during tablet pressing (generated by upward unidirectional pressure) and low output (about 100 tablets / min). It is only suitable for small batch production and laboratory trial production.

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