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How to prolong the service life of high-speed rotary tablet press

Author:Click:254Release time:2021-12-24

What should we do to extend the service life when using the high-speed rotary tablet press?

Maintenance instructions for high-speed rotary tablet press:

1. Check the machine parts on time, 1-2 times a month, check whether the movable parts such as worm gear, worm, bearing, pressure, crankshaft and upper and lower rail guide are sensitive to rolling and wear, and correct and apply them in time if any defects are found.

2. At the end of one-time operation or shutdown, take out the remaining powder and brush away the residual powder in all parts of the machine. If the shutdown time is long, it is necessary to remove all the stamping dies and wipe all the machines. The smooth surface of the parts shall be coated with antirust oil and covered with a cloth.

3. The maintenance of the die shall be placed in the covered iron box to make the full punching of the die immersed in the oil, and shall be kept clean without rust and bruise. It is best to customize the iron box and pack it in one box according to each standard, so as to avoid wrong loading during use and help to grasp the damage.

How to prolong the service life of high-speed rotary tablet press

4. The application site should be cleaned frequently, especially for the production of medicine and edible tablets, there should be no dust and flying dust.

Precautions for application of high-speed rotary tablet press:

1. Before use, the quality of the die must be checked repeatedly to see if there are any missing edges, cracks, deformation and incomplete tightness, and whether the device is in good condition.

2. Check whether the powder of the granular material is dry and the powder content in the particles should not exceed 10%. Do not press the unqualified ones hard, otherwise it will affect the normal operation, service life and material loss of the machine.

3、 For the initial test run, place the indicator needle controlled by the pressure regulator on 6  pour the powder into the bucket  roll the test hand wheel  adjust the filling and pressure together  gradually increase the weight and hardness of the tablet to meet the product requirements  then start the motor  then open the clutch  carry out formal production  in the production process  timely spot check whether the quality of the tablet meets the requirements  It is required to adjust if necessary.

4. The selection of speed has a direct impact on the service life of the machine  because the properties, viscosity, diameter and pressure of materials can not make unified rules  the structure of the machine  stepless speed change device  slow speed is suitable for limiting minerals, plant elements, large diameter, viscosity difference and other materials that are difficult to form quickly. Fast is suitable for limiting adhesion, good lubricity and easy to form materials. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the user according to the actual situation.

5. It is necessary for managers to understand the skills and functions of the machine, the internal structure, the application principle of the control organization, and not to smell the operation address during work, and to avoid damage to parts in order to ensure safe production.

6. Pay attention to whether the sound of the machine is normal at any time during operation. Park the vehicle in case of screams and strange sounds to check and eliminate them. Do not use it far fetched.

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