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Die maintenance method of tablet press

Author:Click:254Release time:2021-12-24

In the daily management, I summarized the following procedures, hoping to provide you with daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of future tablet press molds. It helps.

1。 Newly purchased molds will be received and accepted by workshop technicians. After passing the test, it shall be submitted to the leader of the tablet pressing group for re confirmation. At the same time, complete the handover procedures and fill in the new mold registration form.

2。 After receiving the goods, the team leader needs to remove the outer packaging, remove the antirust oil, clean and disinfect with 95% ethanol, and then store it in the mold room for standby. The storage shall be marked clearly according to the model and chip placement area, and the "tool and equipment identification card" shall be filled in.

3。 Before use, the operator and the mold manager shall fill in the mold use release record during handover, and check whether the specification and model of the used mold are consistent with the used mold. Required specifications and models. Before mold installation, wipe it with clean cloth and then 75% ethanol. Install and use after ethanol evaporation. During installation, pay attention to check whether the punch is consistent with the die. Handle with special care. At the same time, pay attention not to mix old and new molds. When mixing is required, evaluate or test the control and impact of film weight differences.

4。 After the mold is used, it shall be returned to the mold management room for cleaning in time. Use 95% ethanol for cleaning. Pay attention to check whether the mold is damaged during cleaning. Those repaired shall be repaired. Those that cannot be repaired shall be reported to the workshop Technician for evaluation and scrapping, and the mold scrapping registration form shall be filled in at the same time.

5。 If the cleaned mould is not used for a long time, it shall be coated with a layer of antirust oil. During storage, it shall be placed according to the model and sheet type. At the same time, there shall be obvious labels, and the tool and equipment identification card shall be filled in. During storage, ensure room temperature and humidity to avoid mold and rust. If the indoor humidity is too high, the dehumidifier can be turned on to keep dry, the mold room should be kept clean and dry, and nothing other than the mold should be stored in the mold room.

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