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Maintenance knowledge of single stamping machine

Author:Click:254Release time:2021-12-24

When dealing with a single stamping machine, you need to understand the maintenance knowledge

Single chip stamping tablet press can be widely used in pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, food factories, hospitals, scientific research institutions, laboratory trial production and small batch production. The machine has excellent performance, strong adaptability, convenient use, convenient maintenance, small volume and light weight. It can press tablets manually without power. It is commonly used to press various Chinese and Western tablets.

For us, we often need to deal with a single stamping machine tool. We need to understand the structure, operation method and principle of the equipment in order to use and maintain the equipment more scientifically. The maintenance of equipment is also a "knowledge". It is simple on the surface, but it is not easy to operate in practice. The maintenance skills of a single stamping machine tool are called the following points.

Firstly, before and after each operation of the equipment, the tablet press shall be tested manually, and then there is no problem after opening the electric tablet press. In addition, you should refuel on time, but do not refuel too much each time to avoid spilling, affecting cleaning and polluting tablets. Secondly, cleaning requires more attention. After each operation, the remaining powder particles shall be taken out and the machine parts shall be cleaned. If the equipment is not used for a long time, remove the mold, wipe the working surface of the equipment, apply anti rust oil and cover the dust boot; Molds should also be cleaned and stored in oil.

Finally, check the parts regularly. Before each work, check whether the screws are loose. In the process of work, we should also pay attention to regular inspection. If it is loose, tighten it immediately to avoid failure. If the mold is found to have edge defects, cracks, deformation and other phenomena, it shall be replaced in time to avoid failure, damage to the machine and affect the quality of tablets.

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