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Working principle of powder tablet press and instructions before use

Author:Click:257Release time:2021-12-24

As an accessory of infrared spectrophotometer, powder tablet press is used to press raw material powders such as potassium bromide (KBr) and sodium chloride (NaCl) into test pieces of various specifications for spectral analysis. At the same time, it is also suitable for other workplaces requiring corresponding pressure. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, fast pressure rise, simple, convenient and safe operation.

When the powder tablet press works, shake the handle of the tablet press up and down, and the small piston moves back and forth to suck the oil in the oil cylinder into the main body. The check valve prevents oil from returning to the cylinder and allows oil to continuously pass through it into the working piston cylinder and pressure gauge. Due to the continuous storage of energy, high-pressure oil is gradually formed. Push the working piston upward, and the pressure gauge displays the corresponding pressure value (MPA). When the hand wheel of the oil drain valve is opened, unload immediately, the high-pressure oil returns to the oil tank, reset the working piston with the hand wheel, and the pressure indication value returns to zero.

Liquid circuit principle of powder tablet press:

When the oil drain valve is closed, the hydraulic oil of the swing rocker arm is sucked from the oil pool through the check valve, and the reducing oil pump and the high-pressure check valve. In the working cylinder, the high-pressure oil pushes the piston in the working cylinder. In order to reduce the working force of the rocker arm under high pressure, when the pressure rises to a certain value, the pressure oil in the large oil pump of the variable diameter oil pump will overflow from the overflow valve and the pressure oil in the small oil pump will overflow. The variable diameter oil pump continuously sends the pressure oil pressure into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure check valve to continuously increase the pressure in the system, and read the pressure value from the pressure gauge. Oil valve, pressure oil unloading return tank, piston in working cylinder reset.

Precautions before use of powder tablet press:

(1) Before use, the screw of the oil filling hole must be loosened so that the tablet press can work normally;

(2) Regularly install the screw to lubricate the plunger pump;

(3) The pressurization must not exceed the pressure range of the machine, otherwise it will be dangerous;

(4) The tablet press uses clean 46 oil. It is recommended not to use brake fluid;

(5) When pressurizing, feel the manual pressure handle force, but the pressure gauge has no indication, unload and check the pressure gauge immediately;

(6) When the machine is new or not in use for a long time, tighten the drain valve before use, unload when the pressure reaches 20 ~ 25MPa, and repeat it for 2 ~ 3 times continuously for normal use;

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